Influencing Health Care

The Impact of Transparency

For 16 years, we have worked to advance a movement for health care transparency. Along with our Members, Partners and Regional Leaders, we have gained headway to ensure that purchasers and patients have access to the critical hospital information they need to choose the best care for themselves and their families. See how we're working to change health care.

Leapfrog in the News

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The latest from President and CEO Leah Binder

"When errors inevitably occur, a hospital culture of cover-up makes it difficult for caregivers themselves to recover with dignity and strength."

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How to Pick the Best Health Care

Customer satisfaction: a must in health care? Leapfrog Board Member David Goldhill discusses on the John Stossel show.

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A 'Leap' in the Right Direction

David Nash reports on how Leapfrog has empowered purchasers to choose hospitals based on quality and safety.

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