Why Leapfrog

Why Use Leapfrog Data?

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Expert. Independent experts volunteer their time and expertise to continually refine the Hospital Safety Score and Leapfrog Hospital Survey to ensure that both ratings programs uphold the highest standards of data validity and integrity.

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Independent. Leapfrog is the only independent hospital ratings organization that both collects and publicly reports hospital data.

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Exclusive. Data from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey is unavailable anywhere else and is reported by individual facility rather than at the hospital system level.

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Trustworthy. Leapfrog is an independent nonprofit organization governed by purchasers that is not influenced by hospitals or other industry stakeholders.

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Transparent. Data is collected and reported in a fully transparent manner that clearly reveals both good and poor performance.

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Flexible. From easy-to-use Hospital Safety Score letter grades for consumers, to complex hospital-level datasets for those who want to know the details, Leapfrog is simple to integrate into larger datasets and reporting programs.


Data Purchasers Ask For

Help consumers make better choices. Health plans large and small can incorporate Leapfrog’s data, along with other quality and safety metrics, into their tools for member education and provider selection. Members can choose providers based on quality and safety, which means better health and lower cost.

Enhance value-based purchasing. Health plans that integrate Leapfrog’s data or its rewards program can create a higher-quality, more transparent value campaign, which can lead to better outcomes and lower costs. One regional health plan uses Leapfrog data to supplement Medicare data in their pay-for-performance program, with Leapfrog Hospital Survey data accounting for 50% of their reimbursement strategy.

Purchaser and Consumer Transparency Tools

Provide accurate, up-to-date info. For companies focused on providing transparency tools for healthcare consumers, the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and Hospital Safety Score data can be used to help employees choose the best and safest hospitals. The data can be coupled with other information—such as cost and network participation—to give users a better tool for making healthcare decisions.


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