Hidden Surcharge Calculator

Using Leapfrog’s Hidden Surcharge Calculator, employers and purchasers can calculate the surcharge they pay as a result of hospital errors. This estimate can be derived using an employer's claims data as well as the Hospital Safety Scores of utilized hospitals. The calculator enables purchasers to discover their annual hidden hospital error surcharge and average surcharge per admission. 

By shifting employees to “A” hospitals through improved benefits plan design, employers can decrease these hidden surcharges and protect their employees and dependents from harm.

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Our Commitment

Certificate of Validation Seal

The Hidden Surcharge Calculator has been awarded a Certificate of Validation Seal, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of validity. The Care Innovations™ Validation Institute’s Certificate of Validation is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, but is designed specifically for the health care industry.

The Hidden Surcharge Calculator includes the full formulas, assumptions and sources behind our calculations. Check out the white paper "The Hidden Surcharge Americans Pay for Hospital Errors" for more information.


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