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You care enough about your employees and their families to invest significantly in health benefits. Are you getting what you pay for?

Employers and other purchasers pay an average of $8,000 per hospital admission for errors, injuries, accidents and infections. But that number can be significantly reduced - and you can save lives in the process.

To serve employers and other entities that are purchasing health care on behalf of their employees, we have developed a Purchaser Toolkit. But before you dive in, there are two things you can do to really make a difference in your employees’ health in the next five minutes:

  1. Use our Hidden Surcharge Calculator to see how much you spend on hospital errors.
  2. Check the Hospital Safety Scores of your local hospitals for the benefit of your employees.

Intrigued? Explore the rest of our Toolkit resources below, and spend some time learning how to apply your leverage with health plans and hospitals and communicate with your employees .



Apply Your Leverage

Work Together to Drive Change

Leapfrog Regional Leaders work with other stakeholders to advance our mission of increasing transparency and quality in hospitals across the nation. Find out how you can share your strength to make a difference in your community.

Surcharge Calculator

Many purchasers ask their health plan to calculate the surcharge they pay for hospital errors, using Leapfrog’s free surcharge calculator. The Hidden Surcharge Calculator was just awarded a Certificate of Validation Seal from GE and Intel’s Care Innovations™ Validation Institute.

Contracting with Health Plans

Ask your plans to demonstrate their commitment to transparency, accountability and improvement with these tips.

Put the Pressure On

Despite the harm to your employees and expense to your bottom line, patient safety is rarely observable in claims data. So purchasers rely on hospitals to voluntarily report on safety to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Write to key hospital CEOs, using this template letter, to encourage them to complete a Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

White Paper “Steering Employees Toward Safer Care”

By Wendy Lynch, Ph.D. and Brad Smith, Ph.D.
Co-Directors, Altarum Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care


Communicate with Your Employees

Employee Newsletter Articles

This series of six short articles was designed for an employee newsletter. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you, or use all six.

Internal Social Media Platforms

If your company uses social media or enterprise networks to connect with employees, consider integrating these short posts to spread the word about patient safety and the Hospital Safety Score.

Template Email from Your Company’s CEO

Personalize this template email to tell your employees all about the Hospital Safety Score (and app!), and how easy it is to use.

Key Talking Points

Use these key talking points in memos, on elevators, in the cafeteria, or use them as a supplement to any of the other Toolkit materials.

PowerPoint Presentation

Perfect for “Lunch and Learn” sessions, this presentation goes over the basics of patient safety, using the Hospital Safety Score website, and tips for receiving safer care.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

This consumer-friendly document helps employees understand their role on the health care team.

How Safe Is Your Hospital Poster

Print out this poster for the company bulletin board, and start a conversation about hospital safety today.


Educating and informing enrollees about the safety, quality, and affordability of health care and the importance of shopping for care is one of the most important things employers can do to drive improvement. Employers also have the power to encourage transparency and accountability in the hospitals in their own community. Consider integrating these materials into your overall Health & Wellness program, so that when an employee needs more information on a hospital, they know where to turn.

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