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Why partner with us.

Increased transparency and an aggressive push for value are changing health care as we know it. Leapfrog partners with organizations that share our vision for better health care, so that together, we can build a legacy for all Americans of the safest, highest-quality health care in the world.

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Who do we work with?

In 2009, Leapfrog formed the Partners Advisory Committee, an exclusive group of national and regional health plans, hospital systems, and enterprise vendors. These organizations advise Leapfrog on key industry trends and collaborate on a number of partner-driven initiatives. Companies who receive at least 25% of their annual revenue from the health care industry are eligible to become a Partner. 

We partner with more than 15 key health care organizations, including: 

Partners Advisory Committee

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"The need for increased transparency in the presentation of clinical outcomes to patients...

...has never been more apparent because of the increasing complexity of diagnostics, treatment options and the rising cost. The Leapfrog Group has served as a welcomed beacon of truth in this regard, providing much-needed information that enables patients to better understand, and participate in, vitally-important decisions about their care.


We share this commitment to transparency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and the belief that access to more comprehensive information will illuminate performance gaps in the nation’s healthcare system and lead both patients and their caregivers to better care…and superior outcomes. We therefore proudly partner with Leapfrog Group in our collective commitment to the measurement and publication of quality and safety data as the foundation upon which to advance a more meaningful conversation about what truly constitutes "value" in modern healthcare."


- Maurie Markman, M.D., President, Medicine & Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Enduring Impact

The Partners Advisory Committee has helped Leapfrog understand trends in health policy and delivery of health services, and helped employers and other purchasers demand transparency from hospitals to improve value. Most notably, the Committee has been an integral part of Leapfrog's ongoing campaign to reduce early elective deliveries.

Partners receive exclusive benefits including a discount on our hospital licensure program, the opportunity to participate in our Health Plan Users Group, and networking with the Leapfrog Board of Directors. 

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Help us shape the future of health care

Health care is a rapidly-evolving industry, with enormous potential to positively or negatively impact people's lives. By joining The Leapfrog Group as a Partner, you can help us improve hospital safety and quality and transform how health care is delivered in this country.

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