Advocating for Transparency

Economic Alliance for MichiganIn 2014, the Economic Alliance for Michigan became a Leapfrog Regional Leader to spur radical improvements in hospital care throughout the state of Michigan. With a strong background in advocacy and considerable purchaser backing, the Alliance began educating key state legislators about the Leapfrog principles of safe, high-value care. 


Making Hospitals More Transparent

As a direct result of the Alliance's advocacy efforts, and with strong bipartisan support, the Michigan Legislature passed a requirement in 2015 for some hospitals to participate in a national, non-profit, publicly-available quality reporting survey. If a hospital wanted to receive graduate medical education (GME) funding from the state, they would be required to demonstrate that they fully completed such a survey in order to receive their fourth quarter GME payment. Hospitals can elect to participate in The Leapfrog Group survey in order to satisfy this requirement.* 

State Senator Jim Marleau and staff were strong champions of this effort, and The Leapfrog Group and the Economic Alliance for Michigan would like to acknowledge their critical support.


Recognizing Excellence

The Economic Alliance for Michigan has proved to be a strong partner for Leapfrog, using state-wide Hospital Safety Scores and Leapfrog Hospital Survey results as a catalyst for increased conversation around hospital safety. At the beginning of 2016, they announced their first annual Hospital Patient Safety Award, which recognizes hospitals in Michigan that either consistently perform at a high level of excellence, or who have demonstrated marked improvement in their safety record. 



*This requirement was passed within an omnibus appropriations bill Senate Bill 133, and is labeled Section 1805.  This section can be found on page 469 of the bill.  It reads as follows:

"Hospitals receiving medical services payments for graduate medical education shall submit fully completed quality data to the same national nonprofit organization with extensive experience in collecting and reporting hospital quality data on a public website. The reporting must utilize consensus-based nationally endorsed standards that meet National Quality Forum- endorsed safe practices. The organization collecting the data must be one that uses severity-adjusted risk models and measures that will help patients and payers identify hospital campuses likely to have superior outcomes. The department shall withhold a hospital's fourth quarter graduate medical education payment until the hospital submits the data to the qualifying nonprofit organization described in this section."


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