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Hospitals can access intermediate scoring details that are not publicly reported on their Hospital Details Page, which is accessible from the Survey Dashboard.



Please NoteThe online survey platform has been updated and re-designed to improve the user experience. The new survey platform will not be available until April 15th and hospitals will be unable to access their Hospital Details Page in the interim.  


Starting April 15th, the Hospital Details Page will contain scoring details for 2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey submissions, including:

  • Survival Predictor Calculations for High-Risk Surgical Procedures
  • Points Earned on the Safe Practices
  • Length of Stay and Readmission Scoring Details

The Hospital Details Page will be refreshed on July 25th, when Leapfrog publishes the first 2016 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results on its public reporting website. The details page will be refreshed monthly thereafter and will be updated to include all scored results.


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